BWDI: Episode 4

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The fourth epsisode of the BWDI series. And if you've bared with us so far, you'll see that my flash skills ARE starting to improve. This episode features some actual *GASP* animation, among numerous other improvements. There is also a fight scene with ninjas, which can't possibly be bad. So for our (not very) numerous fans out there, witness the masterpiece that is(/not) BWDI: Episode 4!


This one beats all the rest

This is some of the finest work one should ever wish to watch, a definite 10 all round. I would also like to ask for the signature of the almighty Tombat (not so i can use it to fake cheques). C'mon, u must be rollllling in it eh?....big up me homeboys..

pretty good... room for improvement of course!

I have seen these episodes and you are drastically imrpoving as you go along! The sound was a great choice on this one! You put forth quite some effort! The graphics were commendable, this was a pretty enjoyable flash. It wasnt however the greatest of all flash, but I could certainly bear it! Congradulations on this passing, and great job on this series! This has great potential of being a very long series maybe stop around the fifteenth or sixteenth or something around that for this series. Keep in mind not to make it too short nor too long. Good luck on the next episodes of BWDI or other flashes you may do! I gave you a six out of ten on the review and a three out of five on the portal vote!


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I'm sorry but i dont know how you people sleep at night, this was clearly the best episode of this series, and the story is carrying well. It is clear that you guys are improving as you go along, so keep making episodes! You've found one fan here even if no-one else likes it :P

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my god

You shouldn't drag poor innocent creatures into your movies until they get better, im sure even they get embarrased at this movie, make some high quality things, i dont thing humour is your thing if thats what you were aiming for

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3.99 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2005
1:04 PM EST
Comedy - Original