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We got some awesome artwork from Aubergine Lock, and 2 Daily Toon rookies, HappyLeetGhost (smellypeterson) shows us some classical music stuff, and Darkelf shows some cool FBF in his Indiana Jones short.

WTFSNOE HERE: Okay stupid niggers, if your going to steal my actionscript for the game atleast give me credit >:(

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oh wow, in addition to being a member of the lock legion, also from time to time you are a member of the union star, which by the way this crew was the most massive in the entire history of NG, which you have even surpassed as soon as To many flash entries that were uploaded on this page, which even lasted a whole month called "star day" which would be to upload all day of October one flash per day, which would only last all October, and so it was until arriving 2007, where the holiday would no longer be maintained and that made it come to the end of that holiday called "star day" and by the way you have a good musical taste towards metal, good that ^_^

Oddly enough.. weird

It was a little tedious. Come on guys, do better!

The mass voting game was funny!

I mean it was an okay movie. But you can all do better than that. The mass voting game is funny!

TheStarSyndicate responds:

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You guys must have balls of steel to make such good cartoons in like a day.....

TheStarSyndicate responds:

the problem is that steel balls get cold faster, so they shrivel up too often.

Not a bad Daily Toon

The two Daily Toon rookies made some nice flashes along with a very weird flash from AubergineLock. Nice graphics from those three animators, which is what I want to see on a Daily Toon and I know some other people would want to see some graphic quality flashes in a Daily Toon as well.

That game was very interesting. It was very similar to the Menya game I played on the other week. But I preferred the mass voting game more since the controls were better than the other game. Oh well. I think I'm going to steal the actionscript. Thank you!

TheStarSyndicate responds:

Steal the actionscript but only give a 5/10?
You truly are a bastard. Fuck you.