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Today's Daily Toon is brought to you by the good people Psychojester, Radio F Software, UglyBastard, Sevenstar, Yuk4, and Crow.
This is Crow's first Daily Toon, the rest have all been previously featured in these fine collaborations before.
lol@the retarded comic.
Menu Audio: Rise Against


Try a little harder.....

Try somthing different................please.

Does the word "CRAP" mean anything to you?

You blast Illwillpress for things real or imagined & you put out crap like this? You need to take a serious look at your own work, and yourself for that matter, before you start blaming everyone else for your own shortcomings. Where was your tirade on the Barney Bunch? I'd really like to read it, IF it exists. Take your meds & go to the park for a change, a little fresh air & sunshine might keep you off of clock towers; if you had spent 1/2 the amount of time paying attention in school instead of hating those who can make money from their own talents, you'd be able to write a review that wasn't rife with spelling & grammatical errors. I bet you're the next punk who goes on a killing spree. I'll be watching the news to see if I'm right on that.


how poo.


well i don`t know what you have against knox but i guess that`s your deal, but im not givin a bad score based on that, it`s cuz the fat man in the thong disturbed me :( i liked the badger though that as funny random shit, but for christs sake the fat man in A THONG, i am forever traumatized, sorry mate, that was crap


very typical dailytoon on this one it seems..
you should put the "no sounds" on first frame action script...
meh.. here's something you should know.. nobody wants to see a bunch of imported pics in a flash movie.. if they want to see imported pics then they can go to google image search. There is a lot of no effort in these because you do them on a daily basis.. you should change them to Weekly toon so that you have some time to think of what to make.. plan it out.. make a plot.. and draw it all.. this is my suggestion and i hope you take it seriously.

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Jan 22, 2005
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