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Ok, basically:
AWSD Keys or Arrow Keys to move.
Space,E or Control to use melee attack.
Mouse to aim, rotate and fire.
Shift to run.
'M' to turn sound on/off.
'Q' to toggle quality.

Keep note of the codes used in the game! I know there seems to be alot of reading to do, but don't complain to me unless you have read this and played the tutorial. If you have played before, then you should know what to do and I assure you that this will be much more entertaining than the original.
The concept for this game is continued on from the original game, so there are brand new levels, as well as:
6 types of weapons, 3 difficulties of play, Rewards for game completion and so, so much more. See my site for all the upgrades.
Also this game lags alot, and I grealty apologize for that. So I suggest using low quality and maybe shuting down other programs for optimum game-play.
Anyway, I hope this does better than the original. If your mouse looses focus, right click on the screen and go to 'settings', this should regain focus.
Enjoy, and for those who could beat the original, try playing on the 'Impossible' difficulty.

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Weapon Codes

Here are the codes for the weapons.

Silenced MP5: 144XSMG5

Minigun: 566MiniGunTTX5

Rocket Launcher: 1099RocketLAppOO6

Shotgun: 2405ShotJJgunOL9


it was great you guys that gave it a bad rating becouse it had 3 MINOR flaws you rate it bad

Better than the first one.

But it had very much lag,even though I set it to low quality.Maybe my computer is crappy...Anyways kinda good.

So much lag!

This game had so much lag, even when I did what you said


i liked this game. idk why evryones pmsing about it. yeah the controls are roughf (if your a todler), and the gunes use the same ammo (big deal its not like you can tell, hell when they dont drop ammo it could be ammo for another gun), and you can go thru walls (your getting that fixed). the whole gaurds seeing thru walls this is explained by they look at te noise. another front page ill bet. i liked the gun select too. BTW i gave george a 10 for his sounds ^_^.

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2005
3:39 AM EST
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