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well, its one final Piconjo confession.

Piconjo <3s j00

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yu lied yu little shit edit piconjo responded to L3TS G0

Piconjo responds:

n0pe this m00vie pr0ved ev3rything<3

Ah, Dear God, this is such a relief. I am really happy to see that you came back. You got so many fans that love you, and missed you. I had hope in you coming back. Hell, I couldn't believe that everyone was saying that you had died, I looked online and read some things, soon enough, I got to a paragraph stating that you have came back after all these years. I was full of excitement, shock, and relief. Thank God you are back Piconjo, because lots of people care about you and miss you.

Piconjo responds:

PICONJO <3s j00

I am glad you are okay!! <:}

coma or not its good to have a legend like you back i met piconjo through newgrounds rumble i didnt know u were a real person i decided to see your animations they ae cool your one of favorites on newgrounds like pico madness tankmen dad n me bitey blockead salad fingers henry stickmin fancypants swublo and tangy mustard p-bot alloy clock crew binding of isaac castle crashers alien hominid dirge and super meat boy i am happy ur back PICONJO

Piconjo responds:

PICONJO <3s j00!

did you actully have a kidney problem

why did you leave the internet for 15 years

then you suddenly came back

thats weird...

Piconjo responds:

Yes, teh kidney pr0blem was real.
I h4d t0 be cryog3nically frozen and plugged into teh gheytrix for 15 years in a c0ma like state.

In mai absence teh w0rld turned into a cold, dark place. With teh toadies gett1ng th3ir slimy pen0rs on everything.

Teh world cried for teh savi0r, for teh god, for PICONJO. I sensed teh sadness of the world, so I pwnd death (with mai pen0r P0w3r) and came b4ck to give j00 all teh <3 j00 deserve. Teh <3 of teh savior. J00 don’t have to cry any l0nger.. why? Becuz..

PICONJO <3s j00.