BWDI: Episode 3

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The third installment in the BWDI saga, and has improved once again on the last episode. For more info, visit www.bwdi.tk!


the laughter goes on

couldn't get enough of the first ep and this one it better this is genious

Bum me now!!

I don't know who you are exactly, but your brain must be at least 100 times the size of a normal human to produce work of this quality. Also u must have wockad eyebrows and quiffed hair (similar to Dan's before he mokehed it) and be smaller than the average bear in height. Again I will say, i dont know who you are, but...I would like a sample of your...*connection lost*


Band With Ducks In? right... this movie freezes when they have a "relaxing day at the beach".. i have to right click and play for it to keep going... graphics aren't at all that great... you do have the right voice like i said in the first episode.. the right voice but you need to learn how to speak into a mic so it is clear... the #1 thing you really need to improve on his graphics and animating... if you can do just that then you'd be in great shape.

Personally i found it very long and boring

The story line was alright but things that let it down was the SOUNDS, Limed ammount of animations

Mostly all the Voices sounded the same and background was pretty boring if you animated the backgrounds it would look lot better

Good luck in future

You need sound work

I would get a sound screen so when you record your voice work it sounds a little better. All in all it's pretty good. You've got the story thing going well, and maybe a little more complicated animation would help.

Also, I find it interesting that the deepest darkest dungeon has a bloody window looking out to the sky. =)

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3.95 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2005
11:43 AM EST
Comedy - Original