BatteryClock Short 1

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**This movie can now be viewed with or without outlines**

This is my first BatteryClock short done in 3D. It's also the first submission that I have spent a considerable amount of time on.
It it is a short, and the first episode, so please don't complain about length or lack of story (yet).

Thanks to CoffeeClock for inspiration to make this!

Reviews are very welcome as always.

I do not mean to offend any Locks by this movie.

<3 BatteryClock


10 for creativity. I'm a Batteryclock fan.

Good 3D work. I liked the lined version better, but I watched both. It reminded me of MTV When it first came out. The animation looked like that of Dire Straits' Money for Nothing video, which was made for MTV. And the use of Devo was creative, and if you saw their MTV video, well that was awesome too.

Hmm... 3D

This is a pretty nice movie, I like it pretty much, I love the 3D work you did with it. First of all, the graphics is very good, the battery clock and the background were very well drawn. So as the other charecters and the objects in the background and not in the backgroung. The blood din't really look real though. I also like the fact that you did it 3D, it adds a lot to the movie. The style was also pretty good, the sound adds a lot to the atmosphere you built in the movie, which is very good. However, the movie wasn't humorous enough, it needed some more humor in it. Anyway, it is a nice movie, well done.

DazFromTaz responds:

Thanks a bunch for the review, comments and constructive criticism. Appreciated.


Overall i Thought it was well done.

DazFromTaz responds:

Why would you say it is festive???
Thanks for the positive comments!


I wanna more clock and hl2 stuff!!! HEY make clocks in Garrymod to mess agound ^^ I love ur stuffs man, keep it up!

DazFromTaz responds:

Hey thanks. Probably will be no more HL2 stuff as the hype as died down a bit. Maybe if a new Garry's mod with some awesome new features comes out.

There will be a 2nd 3D clock movie that has been sitting around unfinished for ages - uni is hard work! I'll get around to it in awhile.


(this is edited from the other batteryclock movie u made) Best clock movie i've evr seen! now u've done it DFT! (I've seen all the reviews "NobleKing" gave u. wut an ass****. he nos nothing.)

DazFromTaz responds:

Thanks heaps mate, glad you liked it. There will be a sequel sometime, but I'm at UNI now and its damn busy.

Don't mind (un)nobleking, he has submitted a grand total of zero flash anims to the portal, LOL.

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3.37 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2005
10:33 AM EST
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