Don't play soccer V2

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Football rocks!

hey im english and i love the beautiful game no i will not stop playing football

p.s Man city rule we might get ronaldinho doubt it though!

Wow, this was stupid.

I'm a soccer/futball fan, and I like the sport, I think it's better than most sports out there.
The animation was poor.
The sound quality was crap.
Violence wasn't anything too new or too good.
No interactivity (Not a big deal, I guess)
And scarce humor.

that sucked

i mean, you cant insult football (im english) like tht, and the animations were crap.

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man ppl dont like this huh? drawings were cool!

dont listen to the morons, its obvious that maybe u dont like footie, i do,
i'm apparently therefore supposed to b offended!? It was a funny spoof and
made me feel better about all the crap falls footy players take. nice work, nice
characters. well dun. pxx

That was gay

Personally i don't really play soccor, but what the hell is your problem. Your probly one of those uptight nerds that hate sports because you get laughed at in gym class. Not our fault you suck. I agree with the previus review, your lazy and a moron. Soccor is a sport you have to be skilled to juggle that ball and kick it around like a pro. SO IF IT IS SOOOO EASY TO FAKE WHY DO NT YOU DO IT! VIDEO TAPE YOUR SELF AND SEND IT ON BUD.

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2.55 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2005
3:39 AM EST
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