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Ask Mr. Owl

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Perhaps not.

[EDIT: There seems to be some confusion regarding the source of this parody. Please realize that this was based upon a commercial that aired in the 80's. The audio is actually from that commercial, but I didn't know who to credit for it - so don't give me credit for that aspect.

Thanks for watching -D]

Send all cease and desist orders to my email address. Thanks.

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I always loved this short, it's so funny. I don't blaim that kid for killing Mr. Turtle. He just wanted a question answered, not for a freak'n owl to eat it!




The world may never know

i used to hate this commercial...the turtle was funny

My pic oh my pic

Is funnier and raises more questions then this vid

Is this owl insane?!

Gosh... This is stupid... but funny though :P