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i respond to EVERY review! so please review!
There are 10 levels in this game, and i realize that its somewhat easy until level 8 or 7.
There is a bug, when you die, and then click main menu and play again. if you die, please just exit out of the window and go back in. i have no idea how to fix this.
read the instructions before you play!
yes, i know there are some collision detection problems sometimes, but for the most part, its fine.
im going to add a special editon of this game to my site soon, boredom pending :P

i made this game out of utter boredom yesterday. it actually turned out quite good!

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I miss the duck button, some spears are so fast you can't dodge them. I think you did a good job. But I miss the overall action, and try to pick up the screws and use em on your start/intro screen.

Greetz USSRstijn

Rammer responds:

all right, then.

Constructive Critisizm?

um, maybe u could give 20 seconds to try to die as fast as possible with-in the time limit? cus, its alot harder trying to die than staying alive. :P

Rammer responds:

i have 61 other reviews telling me the same thing, so that's not really constructive. this game sucks anyway. i made it 4 years ago. ;P


the graphics are shit and the animation kinda really sucks but i guess it qualifies as a game. good job.

Rammer responds:

your review is useless to me, since you offered no advice in regards to improving the game.

...but i guess it still qualifies as a review.

Not that bad

Well first time i played this there was just a yellow desert like background with no music. Then next time i play this it is same thing but a street and a city appears with music. That was weird before when it was a desert like place the scene would change every level. This was'nt that bad though.

Rammer responds:

um, yeah, there's 3 random backgrounds, each with their own music to it. there's always music. ALWAYS. ALLLLWAAYYSS.....

the way i randomized the levels in this pretty much sucked, so there's a lot of repetition.

it was ok but it needs work

(1)i bet this was just to entertane your self so i won't put the game down to much

(2)more sound more interactivity

(3) games should have too much blood but have some at the very least

(4)Make a much better game and u can bet i'll play it and give it top marks


Rammer responds:

all right, first off, it's "cíao".

1) entertain* and too*. i don't tend to make games and submit them if it was meant to entertain myself \:

2) i understand more sound, but i'm not exactly sure what more interactivity this can have. you run around and dodge spears. don't say powerups; it's the same gameplay mechanic, but you WANT to run into it, rather than dodge it.

3) they SHOULD have too much blood? that sounds slightly contradictory.

4) you*. i don't mean to be mean, but why bother write "u"? it's not like writing two extra letters will kill you, and it would make you look a lot more respectable in my eyes.

HOWEVER, thank you for the critique, and not whining "IT'S TOO EASY, OMG I'M GONNA CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP NOW!" like the last nearly 60 reviewers did.

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2.90 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2005
6:42 PM EST
Skill - Avoid