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Author Comments

This is teh greatest i ever made

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D: Meanies....

@master-wolf: You guys were the ones insulting him at first...
@The author:
I think you might need to make a message to haters... I've seen reviews on your movies and mostly all they say is "This is crap" "This is shit" and stuff like that.
I didn't really think your stuff was crap. Cuz at least you MADE something. Some people only go around and look at other people's movies, art, games and complaining about how shitty it was and they can't do any better than them.

If that was the best you ever made...

Stop bogging down Newgrounds with crap like this.

LocalNeroflash responds:

well fuck my ass and animate something better,retard ..haha pwnd

Absolute shit

try harder, and stop insulting people who dont like it, wanker

LocalNeroflash responds:

haha... stop taking me seriusly and just don't care that i hate you loser :P


Big waste of time, was really retarded

LocalNeroflash responds:

you did waste time to review it to.
make your own movies
you imbreed cunt

LoL cooooool:D

fan va grymm:D jag ser att du e svensk:P adda msn? jag har int många svenskar som holler på med flash :P typ bara jag som gör i min lilla stad hehe.

nå din flash va grymm å rolig tyckte jag:P

nå om du ids adda på msn så e min adress: subzero_conny @ hotmail . com

LocalNeroflash responds:

ja ven'e visst e det coolt att man träffar svennar ibland, men ja e lite rädd en då, nu när du väl befinner dej i sverige så kanske du är pedofil... men ja addar dej om någon vecka när ja har sammlat mod till det =)
och tack för att du uppskatta filmen^__^

Credits & Info

2.61 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2005
2:01 PM EST
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