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Witch Hunt Intro

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A short intro seqence that will be the vanguard of a new series of animations.

wow, i didnt think it would be protected. thanks guys. You have inspired me on to compleate the animation with in the month. Expect to see the final in early febuary.


That was not good...

That sucked. Next time make it longer,more interesting,and since this is called witch hunt you should add some violence and use the torture devices that were implementede during the witch-craze.The graphics were pretty good. i liked the music. One more thing-if you plan on making a series called witch hunter there are going to be witches in it. Dont get ideas from harry potter. The witchcraft in harry potter have almost nothing in common with true witchcraft. Witches dont only wear black.Very often witches are nacked.They wear point hats and pointy shoes or sandals.As for the witch equiptment-They dont only have a wand and a couldron. They also have a book of shadows(A book were its owner records everything he/she has learned such as incantations,recipes etc.),A black handled knife called athame(Athame is not used as a weapon.Its for rituals and ceremonies.) , a white handled knife wich i cant remember the name of wich is used for making a witches equiptment,and of course a broom,a drinking horn(it looks like an ordinary goblet)and also a conjure bag (also known as charm bag). Dont forget-there are male witches too!


I'm gonna give you a 5! I want to see this when its done.... I'm expecting this to be 5 material when its done as well so don't let us down! Good Luck! ^^


needs some work man. the beat at the start of the movie was pretty good, but it didnt last. you really needed some music all the way through because the movie was mostly silent, and thats not good.
however, the story line was good, and so was the ending. so work a bit on the technical side of things.
(THE THUMB: sideways)

Scunner responds:

um... cheers for the review but... it was only a preiview... which explains the lack of story line etc.

not too sure

i agree with the getting rid of the brackets, but also for the trees u shud really copy or draw over all of them not just some cos it looks wrong

Scunner responds:

wilco. Because of you sir, there will be no brakets in the final version. Thanks for the imput. oh and the trees are a work in progress. it will improve.

Cant wait to see future of this.

Very interesting. Would like to see this developed into a future movie. Just one thing you should do is not use the brackets in the title. I just think it would look nicer and professonal looking just having the title and nowthing else since I dont see what the point of the brackets are for.

Scunner responds:

i dunno... brackets seemed likev such a good idea at the time

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2.37 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2005
12:41 PM EST
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