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The Encounter

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Hi, I have never done a Flash movie before, so please bear with me.
The movie is a simple one. Two students from respected schools fight at the end of the year to see which gets to go unto "College" Enjoy!!

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an ok short

really needs more than one fight scene to make a movie. The explanation of why they were fighting should have been in the movie itself. The backgrounds were cool. The characters were a bit grainy looking but I can tell they were well drawn. Good detail in the characters as well. The scene where the guy summoned up his power and you could see elements rising from the ground was a nice touch.
As far as interactivity, no scene selection was needed for it was too short. It was as interactive as needed for a movie. You might add a status bar for the preloader and consider adding your text intro for fighting in that section.
Nice sounds worked well for the movie and the bit of music set the tone quite well.
OVer all, its a good start for a first, you should keep at it!


The graphics are pretty good in some parts although a bit rough around the edges. That will be improved with time. The Main problems I have with the movie are:

1) That you used your comments to explain why they were fighting when I feel it should've been explained in the movie itself.

2) The fight seemed DBZ like... Maybe it's just me getting a bit tired to seeing fights done in such a similar fashion

3) When their fists met and the flash of light appears, It completely blocks out the two fighters. The best way to handle those are to change the opacity of it and use lighter colors. Of course this maybe a lack of experience talking here as well.

All that said, I will put you in my favorites because I see potential in you and I want to watch as you improve.

Not bad, not bad at all

Hey I've been watching radom flashes and this has been the best so far, great job, I really liked it


keep it up man will be looking for more later

pretty good

you have a lot of talent, but I want to know what happens after and before the fight. Give it a little more story and it would kick a whole lot of ass.

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2001
8:33 AM EDT