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Most computers should run on medium or low quality

Left and right arrow keys = aim
Space bar = fire
Z = volley

Welcome to Onslaught. In a world of goblins and ogres, you must take it upon yourself to destroy them before they destroy you. The bow and arrow, the lost art of defense, is your weapon. Your enemies are not to be underestimated. The greatest tactician learns the art of war before stepping into battle. A tutorial, built by the masters of war, will give you the information you need, but even they cannot prepare you for what lies ahead. Aim and anticipation will be your greatest allies. Good luck.

A game by McKenzie Kerman and Michael Wells.
Special thanks to Newgrounds own Liljim for Php help.

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Man, I loved this game back in the day... and still love it 10 years after!! Great work!
What about a sequel?

This game isn't very good 1. You should be able to aim with the mouse but you can't. 2. The graphics are bad. 3. Each level is either too easy or too hard.

While the name was pretty generic, the game was anything but. It just seemed like you had a lot of mobility in this. I think the best part is probably how you have good control. It's fun to see these guys come after you over and over only for you to defeat them. There's so much going on it doesn't become boring. I think the graphics are also really good.

Just the notion of having all those arrows really gave me a good feeling. Yes, that's probably because I just came back from watching the TOME episode that introduced me. The sounds are decent too. It could have been more detailed, but it's still tons of fun with how fast paced it is. I don't even know where the bombs are coming from, oh wait, they're landmines.


controls suck

this game suck

controls are tragic and its too hard to aim. I don't realy understand this high note over 4. It realy sucks the cock!