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FF:The New Empire Part 2

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*NOTE* To all of you analy retentive viewers who MUST vote zero because i have frog in it go ahead. I DONT CARE! The thing is, i put it in my movie I KNOW HES FROM CHRONO TRIGGER....SUE ME!
Our heroes continue thier journy as Cecil, Cyan and, Frog search for the warpgate at thier tournament..and a familiar face returns.

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great moie

this is a very good flash i look foward to watching the rest of them and i hope they get better and better each time.

Nicely done.

Good job with the fight scenes. I also like where the plot is going with this. Kefka has always been my 2nd favorite badguy. If you don't know who my first is, well erm... Nothing against Frog, but with his hp, he should of gotten pwned.

Tootbook responds:

ah but did you notice it became blue? That was a protective spell in order to make him cope with the insane hp of FF Chars :D


love the sonic music well placed

winKoneR truly doesnt seem to like your animations

But oh well, poor him I guess ^.^ I thought it was really fun! I the only thing I dont like is that I saw episodes 1,2 and 6 and in none of them did I see GAU! T_T I hope you had even the smallest role for him in the episodes to go, which I'm gonna try and find right away! :P Cuz I really like him ^^ Thou Thou! Uwaoh Aoh!~ :P Anyways, Since I reviwed 3 outta 6 episodes since episode 1 and none of them Disappointed me, You should get fina ratings from me for the next ones! ;) Keep up the cool flash! ^^

It was little better than the first part...

...but it was boring again...and...where was the big idea in that battles in colosseum...i really don't get it...and...frog sux

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3.81 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2005
10:40 AM EST