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Teal Man Adv.

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Author Comments

Try and figure it out.



... it wasnt a really good movie, but i voted a 5 because you are the tipe of author Ng needs, why did i say that? You will find it out, eventually.


this is definitely different.. some bodies moving around... keeping warm. This movie seemed rather short and was a little bit confusing... it seemed like it could have had more of a plot or purpose to it... but i don't know.. very different type of movie.

fathamburger responds:

Thanks, I try to make things different. There was a plot, and a purpose. But yes, it was quite short, to my dismay.

Pretty Good

I was about ready to write “how on earth is this to deep for people” and then going to expound on how it’s not as deep as it seems. Then I read your profile, realized you’re 15 and thought I couldn’t have done anything near this at 15. One more thing, I don’t know if you did this intentionally but when an artist dose extreme randomness with some thin base idea and says, “what does this mean?” often many do not get it, not because of the artists brilliance but because of either his arrogance in that his idea is so obvious that all will see it of his desire that others will seem dumb if they don’t understand the meaning (not that I’m saying that this was a problem here, it’s just a trait that I see in many artists so watch out)

As Einstein said, “Any fool can make things bigger, more complex… It takes a touch of genius … to move in the opposite direction.”

Anyway, excellent job, with plenty of room to grow.

Here are some more big words (phobias to be exact):
Ecclesiophobia: Fear of church
Kakorrhaphiophobia: Fear of failure or defeat
Sophophobia: Fear of learning
Xanthophobia: Fear of the color yellow or the word yellow
Chorophobia: Fear of dancing
Geumophobia: Fear of tastes or flavors

And my favorite:
Logophobia: Fear of words

fathamburger responds:

I dont' meen to be rash, but, I may be 15 but I can still use my brain. It's not like I just made some random shit and said it was deep. I never said it was deep. I just told people t figure it out for what it was. Don't think you are some higher power who has all the wisdom of the world. peopel who don't get an impression from this aren't dumb, they're just slightly ignorant. It doesn't meen one thing precisely it might meen a whole range of thigns for you to interpret. Some could call it abstract.


hmm. didn't really get it. i liked the sketch "world". it despratly needs sound. nothing can kill a flash faster than no sounds. throw some bakground musick in there if nothing else. over all it was decent work.

fathamburger responds:

Yeha that's what I've been getting so far, quite often.


it's cool how you incorporated the scetch world with the other world. Really great stuff. I might have raised the score more if there was a sound effect for the ripples of the water.

I like how in the end the guy wound back up in the cube...

makes you think for a while...it's really perplexing. <ooh thats a big word!>

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fathamburger responds:

establishmentarianism is bigger. Haha. But thankyou, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Credits & Info

2.04 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2005
2:21 AM EST
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