Xeno:Officially Morbid

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By the way, I shall be working on the game version of this as we speak. (And Hopefully it won't take as long to come out as this one did).

Please post any requests for weapons you want Xeno to be armed with...

(^-' )


Sweet Man keep it up

adding onto the user below me, adding something interactive to what happens to he little guy would be pretty cool, but after at least 30seconds of continued violence, then the game would start with his idea

Awsome art style! YOU ROCK!

That was good. short, but good. Maybe if you find the time, you could make your animations more interactive by making the viewer hack away at a body to reveal the start button for the clip. or have them do an autopsy to find a special item that is key to the continuation. Keep up the good work

Boojamon responds:

That's a very interesting idea that I might look into... though possibly with less gore, possibly with more- who's to tell?
But I do agree, finding the start button would be a great game. Nice work to you! And thank you for the ratening and the comment and the 'you rockness'. Much appreciated. ^_^

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (dies of laughter)

nice...... its short horribly made (no offense) good humor...... yay violence........ *crawls up into a little ball* violence is good

Boojamon responds:

Punctuation would probably help get your point across.

"its short horribly made (no offense)"?

Don't quite understand what you're trying to say. Try revising your semantics and syntax. :D

lol at your realisation about how obsessive you are about violence! *pats head patronisingly*

Good luck with that. ( ' -^ )

it's cool

I am upset that you can't make a game.
but make more of this all the same.
i like his design.

Boojamon responds:

Yeah. Me too!

okay I guess

Graphics 9 meh
Style 10 meh again
Sound 2 not much sound
Violence 9 blood is blood man
Interactivity 9 bloody
Humor 8 I was just waiting for the white dude to die that sound was irritating
Overall 9 meh yet again

Boojamon responds:

Hell yes, very irritating. Didn't you just HATE that guy?

Anyway, thanks for the 'meh's...I'll just take it as a compliment that you even bothered review. ^-^

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2.98 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2005
3:47 PM EST
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