Super Eddie

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SMB level one made in flash with Eddie (me) :D



Heha...this was funny (little small tho)

yea the window was extremely small....

But other then that...was good i think..but there were some downpoints...

well I think just game errors...whne you jump....you jump three times....when you jump and move "against" a block..it cracks...


nice mario game :P


i vote either 0 or 5 and you got a five bro!!!

keep it up


This is a mario type game... it's super eddie. Really nice platform type game you have here. But there seems to be some flaws to it.. i don't like how when the guy jumps that you cannot see what's on the ground... you cannot see whether you'll hit the enemy by jumping or if the enemy will walk over you and kill you... and at some points it seems as though that he is just floating in the air... but anyway.. it was fun and definitely a really good use of the sprites and sprite backgrounds. Some music would be nice to add...


my god have you personally played this game lately?!?! it was soooo boring and tedious to play man! i mean, no doubt the graphics were good and the action script was ok... but it ran sooooo slow. you really needed to make sure that the guy's jump was realistic in that he fell a lot faster, you needed to make the game speed faster, and you definately needed to be able to see the ground when you were jumping. im disappointed.
(THE THUMB: slightly down)

Pretty good!

Just a few comments and suggestions.

1. You can stand under the blocks and walk through them!
2. You should add mushrooms.
3. You can walk through the flagpole at the end!
4. I assume youre working on the underground part, seeing you have that set of coins after the castle. :P
5. It'd be easier and somehow more fun if you move the camera independently from the player.

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2.32 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2005
9:46 AM EST
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