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(2005) Mystery Kar

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its a mysterious kar


sorry if the movie drags on at times..i knew i shouldve cut some parts out,haha


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I love these guys because they sound so much like my old friends. They have these same voices! These are even the same kinds of things we would talk about! I just love the chill pill jokes. Have other people done that? That's just so adorable. I wasn't expecting the blue guy to get offed.

Uh, spoiler alert? I just like that little car running around. I think it was just driving itself. It makes sense given this weird world. It's cute for something violent.


New voicing acting accent huh, lmao, that worked pretty well. It just struck me btw that all these clay dudes look like dudes, no dudettes for a change? Maybe that's the nextgen thing. I do like how the red presents a natural clash of color in these, red and blue, obvious adversaries. That car was unexpected lmao, crazy as always!


Watched this years ago when i was about 12 or something, never really appreciated the great claymation here even if it isn't that complicated looking, or the voice acting that really sold the humor on this. Really great job.

Lol so funny

"He called you an idiot" "what" "no 1 calls me a moron" lol