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Nutcracker Suite Vol. 1

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The Nutcracker Suite Volume One : The Nilla Conquest...

The first volume in the Nutcracker series... (trailer was released 2 days ago)....
NOTE: Due to the size of flash video files, we had to cut the length of the original version of the movie.
NOTE: Also, the video/sound quality of the movie may be lowered, due to the size of the file.

The nutcrackers hunter, "NILLA HUNTA", goes on a conquest to fuel his tribes hunger with the precious Nilla. Insanity ensues...

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it caused orgasm after orgasm after orgasm

as I said before it cause orgasm after orgasm mafter orgasm, the I cleaned my mess up... then one more orgasm. So good u should have a warning that it might cause spontanious erections, protection is advised. The charachters were very charming and almost too humanlike. The sounds was great I especially like the opening song by At the Drive-in. I cant wait till volume two. And I anyone doesnt like this movie. Ol' senior ball licker can come to my door and Ill take kik his balls so hard that he will choke on his balls, and then die from asphiziation on his own three testicals.

nut crack

haha, nice background music and sound fx. this is definitely a good idea. i haven't seen a nutcracker movie before. voice acting is good. haha he's using a crane and he doesn't know what he's doing.. in comes dramatic background music. good use of dramatic background music. This really looks like it could be on television. nice work.

Matty-182 responds:

thanks. Unfortunatly *i never figured out how to properly spell unfortuneatly, by the way* Newgrounds wont accept any more Nutcracker movies since they are "large in size" and "score poorly". Its a shame.

Once Again.

I saw the trailer and thought it was hilarious. But the movie was great. The guy in the crane was so funny. You got my 5 man wicked awsome job.

Matty-182 responds:

Thanks :)

It's not great...

But there's some seriously funny stuff here... i enjoyed it. try and clear up the pixelation

Matty-182 responds:

Yeah i know about the pixel prob. its really annoying. I'll try my best to fix it up.

my god

get over playing with toys and little erector sets...you must be at least 15 or 16...

and NO, this had nothing to do with The Nutcracker.

Matty-182 responds:

The fact that the main characters are nutcrackers was the whole point of the movie. and no, it has nothing to do with the nutcracker. if it did, it wouldnt be much of a comedy. Besides, who wants to watch an adaptation of THAT? or an adaptation at all for that matter.

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3.75 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2005
10:53 PM EST