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Catch that Goblin

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OMG YES!! Front page =D Thanks

This is my first non-stick flash movie =D
A hungry goblin needs to still his hunger.
So ya.. Vote fair and don't forget to visit www.flashmafia.com
Special thanks to Skaven for the music, and to Rezuth ofcourse >=)

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Really funny

Wow this was some really funny stuff I like the art and the animation here but the story itself was very good and drives this I like the energy in this great charchters too I do see you improving on some graphics just Abit maybe some small extra shades and details but anyways congrats on the awards for this as well very nice work indeed

Some small extra graphics


The beginning scenes almost had a Brackenwood-like style to them. :) Beautiful meadow opening, blue skies, fireflies in the air... it changes into something different quickly though, but still feels almost like it might've been an intentional spin-off on that particular series. It's a fast-paced little adventure, and totally different from your regular stuff! Entertaining short... and not all that short either! Nice twist at the end, or... revelation. Feels suitable, even if it's a rather eventless finale. All's well that ends well.


Awesome =D

This earned all 10/10 and 5/5 of my points because of the awesome and classic chase scenes and all the pies at the bottom of the lake ending was awesome. All in all awesome :D!


Reminds me of Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner =D

love this

I love this. Great music and great animation :)