Stealth's Confession IV

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It's the Piconjo Episode! He is thinking to himself about what to say in his next confession.... Or something. But the truth is revealed! Graphics by Piconjo and I.

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.. wow.. that was.. so.. bad..

(to n e one who doesnt want to read this whole thing, but still wants to know about the flash, go to the bottom of this review)

i.. i dont think i have possibly seen a worse flash... ever.. and ive seen something were just random squares appear on the screen.. hell.. i even laughed at strawberry clocks "B" but like.. wow, i dont even know where to start.. so, i will start um.. lets start with graphics since thats the first rating category.. well.. so, like, for most of the movie i thought it was like, a narrator, but, when i realized it was supposed to be the guy talking.. like.. you didnt even move his mouth at all.. i will give you a little credit for the drawing tho.. it was ok.. but like.. you could have MOVED HIS MOUTH!, JUST A BIT.. ok, um, where to next.. right, style, well.. go to ebay, right now, and buy a new style, like right now, dont try to sell yours, no one will buy it.. ever.. so then.. sound.. well, there WAS SOUND, but, it was like, not understandable one bit, i got out like little words, but not one wwhole sentance (exept the "do yu want sumthin to eat?" part.. but, like, if your not gunna have any movement exapt a zoom in, like, atleast have clear sound.. like.. please.. whats next.. hmm.. violence, right, well, as for violence, im not saying every flash needs sum, but, like, can you even ANIMATE VIOLENCE?! then there is interactivity.. ok.. seriously, what was with the two play buttons, like... wtf.. like.. i no your flash is so bad that you probably wanted to postpone the actual thing to start, but, like, i actually dont think this flash was worth clicking on the second play button, hell, i dont think this was even worth clicking the first one.. then.. oh.. then i saw.. the "replay" button which, was the third biggest waste of your time ever cuz no one is going to replay that, like, ever.. infact, i bet you didnt even replay it, that replay button, probably doesnt even WORK, but i am NOT watching that again to see.. so, whats after interactivity.. HUMOR.. that like, made everything i see now, seem really funny, just because of how UNfunny that was! like, i wish this rating thing had negitives.. actually no, wait, my ratings seem fair, just let me explain them... this flash was SO BAD.. that the ratings went to negivite infinity.. got bored and came back.. like, i want to vomit up my organs, just so i can throw them at you..

so to recap (with some "constructive critisism")

Graphics: sucked - add like, movement or something
Style: sucked - seriously, go to ebay, like, now
Sound: sucked - go to preschool, they will teach you how to
Violence: Lack of movement=lack of violence
Interactivity: NO TWO PLAY BUTTONS.. NO!
Humor: lets just say.. paper is funnier - go watch porn, you
may get some ideas for something funnier

SO! to anyone who is even conidering watching this, you will have more fun eating your own kneecaps

Your Good Buddy and Pal

-Emilys Shadow


j00 r gh3y... but t4ht5 okhey.. cuz Pic0nj0 <3 j00.

Please stop submitng!

I've seen these, and they're all the same, one frame, your unaturaly disturbing voice, cheesy music, and no talent. Please submit your work to a dumpster, and stop wasting your life.


Umm.. I only understood the "Hunny would you like something to eat" part.. Next time talk more clearly.. Umm.. And without the horrific squeaky voice.. Please..


This blew! SO MUCH! Your voice sounds like a kid getting ass rammed. And i know your going to say somthing, so fuck of pansy!

Paradox-1 responds:

Good batting average dude. By the way, I highened my voice to make it funny. Your a fucktard.