Broken Saints CH 9 Act 2

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In this second half of Chapter 9, RAIMI (the programmer from Chapters 1,2,6, and 7) has to do with the serpentine CEO of BIOCOM - Benjamin Palmer. Palmer knows of Raimi's questionable activities and his visits to the BIOCOM med-wing...but does he know something else that might cost him more than his job?


This cartoon is so massive it's hard to keep track of. I'll try it as best as I can. I really did enjoy this, because of how deep it was. It's sad I can't remember any of the characters' names or anything. I love the words that fly around at the end. It didn't need action.

I love how deadpan these characters are. Everything just flows together so well. I appreciate so much going on in this narrative. It's hard to even pinpoint a specific plot point. These characters are pretty fun.

Interesting Chapter...

Broken Saints Chapter 9 Act 2 was very interesting, Starts off with my favourite character Raimi in like a meeting with the CEO of BIOCOM, i thought at first he was going to get told off but then he gets a promoting which infact confused me.

Very nice chapter wondering what next will come.

My rating is 9/10 for this one.

bad ass series

that was good, very!


u guys don't know nething about whats goin on, you will be surprised and left in utter awe by the end

confusing but great

i find it confusing...but i will probably understand it more as the series goes on, i think this one has some really good humour in it, there isn't very much of it, but it's still very amusing :)

i know lots of people have said this, but it just has to be said..again..the broken saints series are amazing!

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Jan 9, 2005
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