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Artemis Trailer

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this is not a movie trailer, the whole thing will be a game series.
Joelasticot says:
Hi everyone
This trailer shows only Roland’s work, which is great, but I must tell you that I am working very hard on the actionscript. Expect something big because this project is always growing, and if the new flash player is released before it it’ll just be awesome.

We expect it to be out sometime after psycho-design.com is up
Lotus says:
hey peoples, this is a brief trailer to show the future audiences of NG just what this project will be like, so enjoy

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well darkshard...

that's probably because he submitted this in 2005 and made no Artemis game since.


...why do i have a feeling that he isnt going to complete this?


looking good, the whole production is probaly gona be good, ill review the game when ive played it and when its out


Like it, this looks quite good. I love the detail on his ship and the gun, and the whole crossing ancient katana with futuristic space travel and assault rifles makes this interesting to watch. I like! ^^

unownedJR responds:

Since this trailer we've done a lot of cleaning up on it, now there's even more cool modes and different things you can do.

very good but the text is kinda too quick for us.:

:. pee-poe who banged their heads too much as a child (mainly me...*drools*) I like the way you mixed smauris and old stuff with futuristic stuff like warhammer 40K and halo 2 (i am unworthy to speaks the master games name..... i must kill myself)
this message brought to you by .::blustreak::. (this is kinda stupisd coz im changin my name to valhalla...)