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Marshmallow's PuppyLock

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Author Comments

This is a very long animation. Over 8 minutes! The intro is beatly long, almost 3 minutes. I put in a little skip scene button for the intro, though its worth watching at some points.

I started this project a long time ago, so yes sadly the frame rate is at 12FPS... It was far before I learned the joys of high frame rates... So some bits of animation may be choppy, but I tried...

This is a Lock Cartoon... If you don't like locks, don't be a dick and vote zero and give dumbass reviews saying how crappy it is. Please watch the whole movie, and vote fairly. I like getting reviews and I will respond to every single one of them! =D

Thanks and enjoy!

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Very good lock movie here

This one was kind of like a music video and that was ok I like your style in this fun and wild lock flick you bring a fun element and its always nice seeing another lock film that you have created here for us all to enjoy it, each scene has a nice and fun visual that you seem to bring alive and I really do enjoy it.

none needed for this film



lol drugged-up pretzels and i am teh lock lover. <3 the Locks. Ph33r the Locks. :3

Mostly just odd

It was good but a wee bit odd. Mostly just killer music. I think you could do better but none the less I still think it was alright.

sandman0277 responds:

Yeah, I can definatlly do better, but this is an old project with a crappy frame rate so there's not much room to expand. Who knows... Maybe I'll recreate this one day and make it better longer and funnier? Whatever, thanks for the review dude and I'm glad you liked the music <3!

Kick ass

A little weird at first but it starts to make sense really quickly, It was actually really funny, It was worth watching.

sandman0277 responds:

Thank you very much! I'm happy that there are people out there who can go past the lock and enjoy the humour of the movie! Thanks dude! <3!


Can't think of any better way to have spent my last eight minutes. Lol... I see my coke pretzels have found their way into another flash. Which makes sense... COPS YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME!!!111

Only problem... Sides the frame rate is that you need work on background and perspectives. I also liked that you show pictures of Clocky while I'm trying to open the Crack LOL. Good movie.

~Teh Knuckels

sandman0277 responds:

OMG! Its Knuckles! Its good to see people don't think they are wasting their 8 minutes on this ^_^!

The pretzel joke actually started here... BlackCherry took the idea and released his flash before mine...

And as for BG's, you are teaching me now, and they are coming along good. Thanks for the review man! <3!