Tempus Temporus 1/2

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Well I worked on this for like a month then stopped for a while then when I came back to it the .FLA was messed up and unable to open, thats why this movie is only half done, and has no loading screen. I submitted it because I still put a lot of work on it and am sad that I could'nt finish it :.(

I hope you enjoy what there is of it

also if I offended any one in any way, then a Opologise!



nice one, i bet the second one will be good too.

This movie was....

i didnt enjoy this at all i ended it right when he kicked the guy off cliff. Didnt keep my interested long enough... But... Was a nice movie im sure to others. The Guy remembered me of Gumbie... 5/10

You can still finish it!!!

just open Flash MX click 'File' ---> 'import' and select your swf file of 'Tempus Temporus'! You will not be able to edit the original part, but you can add things and new scenes and stuff! oh yeah, i really liked this flash! it was a bit weird that he grapped a piece of wood with a nail coming out and put it on his back, he doesn't use it. But i'm sure that has a purpose in the other half you were going to make, but you didn't because it was screwed up! aah, whatever, this review is way to long so i'm quiting now, k? once again, I liked this flash alot!

love the music

the 5th element i love that song. oh and nice animation (with touches of the 5th element). loved the korean bit lol and i think according to like dogma or something jesus had to die to save us.... from something.....im not quite sure what.

i liked it

but the only part that was really cool was the dinosaur thing that was hilarious

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3.37 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2005
3:56 PM EST
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