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added some stuff got rid of some, probly add more ... maybe lol, uhh thats it lol have fun and enjoy



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nicely done

i odnt care if its random as hell, or if it has no plot, if it makes me laugh or makes me think..... i like it. good job bro, and fuck everyone who says this isnt good.

P.S. make more like this

Those other raters smell.

Hey I wanted to compliment this flash, it is by far the best and whoever said all that crap complaining about it..suck it up, really.
"I wasnt interested in this"...UHH its not what you like there buddy..so simma down. The Beatles Rock in this section, and the little blobs that kill eachother are great. Thin dont have to make sense..
Yeah so, instead of nagging about this flash, say something good about it, its got potential and it isnt a stupid anime one so yeah. BLEHHHH CoMpuTeR NeRds

-FrOM mS. KoAlA

IrMyke responds:

drop it like its hot ^_^


This was as the title says very random. I liked the kitty and got lost over the rest. It would have been better if the Kitty was flying on the star the entire time and he dodged the giant pole thing he flew into. The animation was good and i enjoyed the beggining part.

p.s. please get a better loading screen i couldnt read it that well.


Just a bit too average. The graphics were not so good (read as: really bad), the style was original, but it didn't quite thrill me. The sound was superb (hehehehhehehe), although I somehow felt the song didn't quite fit :S The violence and the humor were the + Points of this movie, although only 1 or 2 parts made me chuckle... (If you wanne see a cool fbf random humor movie, try "Randomly Yours" or "Dad's Home")

Overall : As I alway say, could have been worse!

DJ Runaway

IrMyke responds:

yes i have seen those, and i must say they are good, yes the music was awsome (not sure who made it ;) ), as you "always" asy it could have been worse yes, and thats bassically all i wrote

double-you tee eff...

that was weird, stupid, lame and most certainly random. im going to give this a 5 out of 10 however because it did have a couple of good things about it.
by far the best aspect of this was the music by Hypocritism... yeh his stuff rocks.
the graphics were crappy. no colour, no backgrounds.
the animation may have been smooth at times, but it was just stupid.
overall it wasnt very entertaining.
(THE THUMB: sideways)

IrMyke responds:

i will take what you say .... and put it in my EAR llol WHAT?