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-- UPDATE!!! ---
(Play Via Sol 2 instead)

(don't put your home city near other things or it'll be hard to click the build buttons!) UPDATE: Thanks for front page and my first daily feature! Also, I know now that it only seems to work with windows, no more need to tell me! :( PS: It is now updated, so you can skip the cut scene at the start.

Via sol is the first RTS (real time strategy) that I've created, partially as a personal test since I've never even seen a flash-based RTS game. The game basically consists of constant disaster aversion, as you try to keep your population well fed, warm, and alive. Vocal audio ques will keep you on your toes until you either retire in time to avoid dealing with the real problems of society, or die at the hands of your discruntled plebs. To keep the game interesting, I've created 3 difficulty levels. I've finally decided to finish this game, which I started several months ago but got sidetracked by other movies and games I'm working on (which aren't done either!). :)

>If you can't build something, check your resources and unemployed population.
> Even with a very fast computer, I highly recommend turning video quality to "low". I also recommend spacing your cities throughout the land because the game will run faster if everything isn't on screen at once.
>Cities can not be built if power is low! (Other structures can, but you'll have a power crisis and people will die)
> Most of the filesize is actually from the music which plays during the game. I may make a music-free version later.
>The more cities you have, the faster your population will grow, but you'll need more food and power too.
>No food stores / no power = decreased population growth (emergency rations prevent massive death, but the growth will halt)
>No power = population decrease, as the unemployed DIE OFF. You NEED unemployed people to build things and become employed!

>>>There's a link in the game to view the strategy guide, which mentions costs and benefits of each building!

////Created by and (c) to Helmi Bastami.
////Flash Website: www.Flyborg.net
////Personal Website: www.ArmadilloCheese.tk
////Email: Monkey_Golem@Hotma

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Sounds are great.
its a good simple game.
The fact that you cannot always click and build is a big problem.
Maybe remove the graphic BS and just put some numbers in a control panel.
That is to avoid bugs if it cant be done correctly

This reminds me of the old SimCity games I used to play. I admit that while I'm not a fan of those things, I did like the SimCity games. It's just that the graphics look quite dated. While it didn't have near the tone of some better ones, it's still good. Everything is presented in a nice organized manner. You have a good amount of land to work with.

I even thought it was interesting how you worked a story into this. The instructions were a bit longer than I thought. Of course, I know these games aren't as simple as platformers. Maybe that's why platformers are my favorite kinds. Anyway, the voice was nice too.

Remove the time limit.

reminds me of my childhood

this is the freaking game that got me into strategy games


you were telling the truth when it was crap, 2nd definetly better

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3.74 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2005
7:09 PM EST
Simulation - Other