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The Eskimo Saga Ep.1

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Author Comments

Here is a series im starting based on an idea about an eskimo who gets his house repossesed... there will be more better episodes to come, i just wanted to get something done and get a start. Enjoy


No Offense

Sorry but this movie was just too slow, I could barely watch the whole thing, but I never vote on a movie without watching the whole thing...the music you were playing was too loud and annoying and there were no...mouths..erm...ya.

good enough to pass judgement - but a 3...?

the movie is fine, ive seen much worse on NG, so i say the following with no offense to the author, but, how in the world did this get a three? For example, i recently watched the "random time trial" get a 2.7 and it is definetly better than this. And to whoever said that the animation was great, it was just simple tweens, which, in my opinion, isnt great. Tweens can be made to look good when combined with frame by frame and etc. (and sometimes even tweens by themselves can look good when done well), however. Think about it this way, this animation could have been done as a slide show and achieved nearly the same effect (although it would have been blammed that way but still). But regardless, ok job author, and bad job voting fellow NG users

x3rxes responds:

i just wanted to make myself a start. its hard coming up with character designs, backgrounds, storyline... then actually put it in a flash moveh. it took me a total of around 8 or 9 hours. There will be more episodes with me tryin to portray the theme, cuz i have ADD and its hard to stay on one movie for longer then 2 days. Its a lot funnier in my head. Started in history class when were talkin about all the different rights movements... (ex. black rights, azn rights, gay rights, native american rights, etc etc.) so we asked if there was an eskimo rights movement. and my teacher said no. (im not an eskimo). So the story line came about with a little eskimo who gets his igloo repossesed by the IRS. I mean. ya. nvm. i dont know what i mean. Go fondle urself.

Not bad, well done animation

Your animating is well done, but the story is a little under developed. I can see where you could take this to cool places though, in a series or otherwise. Maybe just spice it up a little and work on the pacing. I like the eskimo design.


how did this get above a 3.00, let alone pass judgment to begin with? animation/drawings are shoddy at best, the music distracted from the peice, the voices were horrible and nothing happened. so they took his igloo.....ok, so WHAT?

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what happened... i fell asleep

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Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2005
11:47 PM EST
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