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Ugh... What happened to me?

01/03/05- Yay! I win daily 5th!

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I LOVE THIS ANIMATION! Naturally I gave you a 5, and naturally I bombarded everyone that didn't with pants. I love the voices. If anyone says otherwise *shakes fist*

well... Cya Sxc


It pwns mine

Haha its really good! Much better then anything i could do in days i like it alot! Ill be sure to check out your other movies :3

-Cat Lock

Too short

Never expected to encounter the KnucklesLock until now. This entry is descent and has a lot of potential. You should extend the scenes a bit.

dont trust peaches..

damn peach, taking advantage of poor knuckles like that. i didnt like the voices, but everything else was good. good job


The "I feel like I got hit by a bus" and "I was gonna eat that" jokes were cool, the rest was very weak in the sense unoriginal. Anyone can make random characters say and do random things; you need more than that.