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A Breen Christmas

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That wasn't very nice!
it's a trick! don't touch it!

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really good flash

you should make a sequal to this i really like it you should make it and put it on newgrounds on december 25

I like it!

Btw it's not a dropship... its a gunship. But that's ok =)


more like Magic Dropship
But Its Great Realy Good


Xtremedevil, just because you don't understand something is no reason to rate a movie of quality like this down. It is based around the game Half-Life 2. The thing he's riding on is a Strider, sort of like a spider-legged tank, from the game. I also assume the chickens are a reference to the ones back in Counter-Strike 1.5. They were removed from Counter-Strike: Source to my knowledge, so Breen rescuing a chicken has a bit more meaning than you might think. Then again, I might be reading too much into it :P

I particularly liked how you brought the animations from what looked like in-game rips directly into the movie. That and the entire animation was very smooth and detailed. The sound was brilliant, very high quality, and it definitely had its funny touches to bring a smile :P I'd say this definitely deserves a 5. It was a great effort on your part, and definitely worth everyone's time to watch!

((Rated Violence 0 because there wasn't any, and Interactivity 5 because there is a working menu. Neither of these factor into the Overall score.))


dude this is the worse flash iv ever seen exactly wat wus the point of this its the idea itself is to horrible to be better and of all things why the hell chickens i mean mabe a dog but chickens. and what was he riding on??? was there a point to this becuse i sure didnt get it