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Fate - Trailer

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This is the story of Lao, A Warrior who lost his father when he was fighting a duel agaisnt The shogon of Death. Since the father died in that batlle, in front of Laos eyes and in his mothers arms, Lao is about to ask for revenge and take the shogon of death under his sword, and into his doom.
This is a trailer for the first episode of this series, and I really hope you'll like it, since the first episode of Fate is about to get to NG by the end of JAN 2005.


it was ok......

that weirded me out......oh well


the storey reminded me of prince of persia : warrior within and the sound wasnt to amazing, neither was the rain.... i guess these things are easily fixable, and it could make people enjoy it more because it seems more lifelike

Pretty Good.

Yea, that was pretty good. The sprites were smoothe and non-crappy, something that is always a plus. The sound was excelent, it fit perfectly, almost as if SquareEnix had made another love story... Except, with real story, and no love.

Pretty good

Got me excited about the episode one. I thought the graphics could have been a little better but good enough. Well done.

now thats what im talking about!

a sprite movie where you made the sprites, great idea! and for all of those idiots who just want to blam you out there because they dont like anime stylings or sprite works, screw them! they have no idea how hard it is to make sprites from scratch, or even edit sprites, so they can all just f*ck off and die! good job man, keep up the good work, and i really want to see more of this series.

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2.45 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2004
2:08 PM EST
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