The Man With No Arms

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waste your whole life believing in things
start living your life by knowing them

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Quite a nice piece of thought provoking art

The music was well selected
The animation was quite minimal
Graphics well drawn none the less

The story line picks up quite quickly
The voices were good

The best point was that dedicating your life
To something you can't prove is not worth while

from begining to end it was epic

thats deep

the dude there...the guy is so true

i loved how the guy got the other guy to kill himself

heres big lesson in life
"never waste the truth on someone who doesn't understand"

and one thing id like to tell that guy....prove it

About your submission

Well, I can't tell that the graphics are the best, nor the sound, but i liked the story. It was interesting, how the friend could be sure about somethings, like the life after death, that the girl wouldn't talk with someone like him, and so on...
This reminds me a bit of Philosophy.
Work more on graphics and sound(the voices of the characters looked the same, and sometimes i couldn't understand what they were saying, because they were talking a bit too fast :P, maybe you should had text + voice, it would be a bit easier). For a first flash, it wasn't that bad. At least the story was interesting, and made me busy watching your movie to the end :)
Good time spent!


Pritty piss poor animation... not save by the dialog... i fell alseep

Your style is nearly like mine

Even though, I never made flash in my whole life, I would've probably done the same thing. This is so righteous. I love this flash. Your stories are like mine when I'm depressed. When I'm depressed I sometimes tell people these stories. Very creative.

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3.50 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2004
9:16 PM EST
Comedy - Original