Tactics United

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Battle :: Tactics United!
A tactical battle RPG simulation, latest addition on the Battle series.

NOTE: Some Glitches are Known. I had to release this now because I promised it to my most loyal fans today.

Since we both suck at graphics the enemis look fucking gay.
Huge filesize = Sorry I think the sound needs quality too.

orums/viewforum.php?f=31 to discuss the game

Brought to you by EviLudy.Net

Programming and Design by Zero
Elements and Graphics by Yoow

The game will guide itself mostly. It's an RPG battle experiment.
Experiment with it to find out how it completely works.
You can discuss it on the EviLudy.Net forums, off course.
www.eviludy.net for more games and cool stuff.

Special thanks to KriN

Game statistics:
- 124 Weapons
- 90 Magical Spells
- 35 Enemies
- 7 Battle Backgrounds
- 1 Player

~ Zero and Yoow

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i like these games.


You can't skip the part where you get exp.
And the weapon system is bad.
fix these bugs and next time I rate it will be 5/5, 10/10


The game makes me crack up! sorry if that's mean but it dose! oh yeah, I played this for so long that I started playing when I woke up tell I was going to go to sleep because I wanted to know how long I can make the EXP meter thing go up. I would be happy to see second one actually!

a few things cleared up.

ok there's a few things that are misundersud about the game some of them can be expained by me and theres a few that cant. 1. you cant buy weapons. true you cant but if you increase your strangth meter your attacks will do insanse damage. 2. you cant save on this verson. true there is a game site that does have it. (i am not promoting this site i am just trying to help.) called arcadeprehacks.com. 3.there are sites where you can safetly download this verson. true but i have personally tried them and its the same thing on the site and you dont have to be online but the monsters that are level 2, 3 etc give HUNDEREDS of thousands of exp. which would be nice if it dosent take almost an hour to finish loading your level. i hoped that helped and if you have any more questions contact me on this account. thx and have a great night.

It's funny, but I think it needs work...

You can't buy ANY weapons :( It's not possible.
PLEASE, fix the battle experience Meter. Now it takes almost half an hour to load!! :(

Good but please fix the 2 probs

great game but it would be a ten only if u made the weapons buyable and fized the experience thing then it will be perfect till then it its an 8 not perfect but good none the less

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2004
6:14 PM EST
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