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TOC: Brass Monkey

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Finally TOC Brass Monkey is complete! First my internet went down, I got bored on making it, We got DSL, it didn't work, and it not olny took me a long time to animate it, natural (or technical) problems occured as well. Well here it is, I hope your not disapointed! Merry 2 day late christmas, I got some christmas flash to send in soon!



graphics completly sux, and wear are the monkeys at!!!!! all i saw wuz a stuffed monkey and at the very end a 2 second d.j. monkey, but for your defence at least yolu picked the only good song the beastie boyz made.


Shit like this is what makes me want to kill a mass amount of civillians.


But that "song" is just too ancient.

I like it

Jackal187, this is no 'first time flash' production... first time is some non-moving stick figure that goes up and down, and says 'hello' in a loop, over and over..

I really like the song, and you fit the words pretty well with their mouths. I enjoyed watching.

not bad

I assume this was a first attempt at flash cartooning as in no real prior experience to it. I thought your ideas were well thought out and with more practice I'll bet you can pull off an even better version. Also in case people are not aware of this but the beastie boys are referring to an alcohol beverage called "brass monkey"

TeknoGames responds:

Oh, have you seen my other 71 movies? meh, guess not

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3.37 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2004
11:25 AM EST
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