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This is a nice game with LOTS of settings.

This started out as a test, but I continued to work on it and here it is!

I worked on it for 2 days.
I think theres some bugs, report them here and I'll try to fix them.

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It's buggy...

I know it's not easy to program in flash, so i'm doing CONSTRUCTIVE critisism here, as in, things you could work on... When the ball hits the left of the paddle, it bounces upwards as normal, where if it hits the right, it flies right... I liked the way the paddle was slow moving because it added challenge to the game! Good job, could use some MP3s included...


Not bad of a game, nice slippy bar..as well with trail it left behind. Decent amount of changeable colors in-game..no sound however! =( Also the bar can go out of screen if you move alot to 1 direction, just lettin ya know since people like me can't control it very good.. ^_^;


Välgjort G0n. Pheta settings speciellt MP3 spelare va go ;-) Faktum är att detta var mest bäst för allt d med settings men d kanske va menigen också jag menar ens "bar" är inte så användarvänlig med speedökningen. men fet iaf ;-)

Continuation of Arkanoid

Like the game alot. I'm a big fan of those Arkanoid/Alleyway/Super Breakout games. The you can put your own music in, is sort of nifty but really I can just open up my Winamp and play it like that. But no really complaints. Keep up the good job

Just a little advice

This game has been seen thousands of times in different variants, and I liked your game, lets state that first, but you could improve it alot, so heres my suggestions. First of all, its anoying how the ball jumps randomly, you should make the angle dependant of the bars speed and where the ball lands. Second, you could include some items. And third when you put the "bar loop" option off, you shouldnt be able to go off the screen with the bar.
Oh and btw, the 0 in music is because you can select your own music in options so it really stands for undefined. The 3 is because this is very unoriginal, but the 3 is for the many options - good feature! Good luck

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2004
1:12 PM EST
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