Hyruleville Ep.1 improved

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My second flash, my first one didnt get in to newgrounds and it is this that influenced me to make it hepas better, this is the end result and i have done heaps. enjoy one thing is does anyone no how to put time elapsed on ur preloader

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<i never really liked zelda myself...It sucks,i think....And i liked that movie cause zelda sucks(dick)really much!:)

Not bad at all.

Loved the pre-loader. It would have been even better if you had a sprite of link running across the screen with his sword out when he uses the pegasus boots, towards a soldier. Once the movie finished loading I got all nostalgic... I love Zelda III. To make it even worse, you started the movie in the resting place of the Triforce! Nostalgia hath no mercy on me. I like the alternative-color to your link btw. The humor in this movie actually reminds me a lot of "Link's Quest for Ass" you should check out the series on NG. You added a fake Zelda sfx when Zelda picked up "link's dick" the drawing also seemed awfully large in proportion to lil' Zelda lol. The clarity and quality of the music was very good, and above all else, original to the game. Nice flash so far, keep it up. Don't forget to check out Link's Quest for Ass, if you haven't seen it yet, it's somewhat like this.

A slice of game

The screen size is a bit to small for my likeing. The music is the classic console music that we all love if we like the old games and the illustration matches the game perfectly.

has got some potential

this flash is a good piece for a beginer and has a good storyline to go upon


That pretty much sums up this movie; like how Link wouldn't kiss Zelda at their wedding, and so on. So childish, selfish, and rude are some men at times. I don't think I want to see the rest of this movie. The sprites and music were fine, but the drawn element was very poorly done. 1/10 for style because there isn't much class in this piece, it's mostly just tasteless penis humour.

superspaz-303 responds:

well iam pretty much a child so yeh