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Full Title - Fun with Sledding Remastered - leave reviews -
so this is a one year anniversary of me working on flash so i redid my first flash ever, fun with sledding to see how i have improved...i added the old one in so you can see the difference but the original was at about 15 fps and this one is at 45 fps so it runs faster than it should so it would be worth it to actually watch the original one i sent in a year ago under the title fun with sledding, so enjoy...

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Not bad

Perhaps some more sound? But it was pretty cool.

not bad, 6.5 out of 10 from me.

i think that you've done quite well with this submission, because not only can you watch the 'remastered' version of your movie, but you can compare it with the older version to see what sort of improvments you've made, so that was good.
i think that the graphics and animation were pretty good, the sound effects were nice, and overall it was quite funny. some nice stuff.

AlterEgoZ777 responds:

thank you...altrhough i think it woudl be more worth it to watch the original fun in sledding as u can see everything slower and better...

Subliminal Messages?

Hmmm... I didn't laugh. I didn't see anything original. It was hardly the best, yet somehow... My brain told me to vote Five. It also told me to leave you some advice:

okz d00de ur liek so fuked up sh!thed so liek go fuk ursef.

Oops... Did I say that out loud?

I meant to say:

Okay. GREAT FLASH. But I want it to go longer. FAR LONGER. Take him on an ADVENTURE! Let's see this sledder go FAR FAR AWAY!

So either remaster the remastery, or make a sequel.


AlterEgoZ777 responds:

lol aha ic mix messages from ure review...but i didnt really see any subliminal messages in my movie...yea i was possibly thinking about doing a sequel...

ha haaaaa i remember this!

you probly dont remember me but i certanly remember the origenal version of this! omg i thought it was great for a first movie and now its dramatically improved with better graphics and frame rate.

Nice going once again!
See you on the field: JT&co
Ps: do you use msn?

AlterEgoZ777 responds:

wow i defintely do remember u reviewing thats awesome thanks for the review...no im sry i dont use msn but i do use aim...

that was boring..

not that funny, bad graphics, almost no sound...
that was crap

AlterEgoZ777 responds:

well i honestly think it was far from crap and i think that the graphics were much more than bad compared to what they used to be...

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2004
10:26 PM EST
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