U-571 demo

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my first side scoller game. but this one has the full control of a submarine. well except it doesn't sub. lol.

I know there are some bugs in there.

read the instrustion carefully and vote please

thank you ;)


cool one

it was a nice demo-game based on U-571. i think that this one could be good if you continue onwards with it as i liked it. it was very very easy to play and win, but it was still quite fun and your efforts were good. i think that a different background would've been nice for this one though, but overall, it was a fun game.


Hey man, i love this game, hehe.
Do you still have our Pico game on your PC, maybe we could finish it sometime? Anyways, see you on MSN sometime.

Wonderer responds:

Oh! Sure! You've still remembered it! :D yes I've got it right over here in my pc. To my surprise you are back from your gaming ay? Good news. anyway sorry for replying that late. anyway. Finish that game we shall!

We need to beat the crap out of miniclip games sometimes. (oops lost the miniclip fans there. God forbid!)
But anyway I am happy to work with you. Stay tuned. I wil see you on the MSN.

anyway. Finish that game we shall!


not giving it a 10 cause it's a demo. What I would suggest is faster combat, power-ups, and have the torpedos and 88 flack go where the cross hairs are. Explosions are always fun too.

Wonderer responds:

a very good idea, I thought of it before. The question is: how you make it? lol. It's like look at a metal ship floating on the sea, someone want to make one too, except it sanks after they made it.


but umm you should add powere ups ands side torpedeos or cannons otherwise cool game oh yeah and make levels and every level faster than the other.

ive done my part here.


Wonderer responds:

good idea but i've got 88 flak cannon in this game doesn't it?


i agree with irving...but awesome game

Wonderer responds:

irving??? anyway thanks ;)

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3.24 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2004
6:58 AM EST
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