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this is my third clayamtion but my first good
I know that there is no storyline but my next one will be 2x better whit what i will have at christmas
more information in interesting fact
voice by the_letter_j
special thanks to jpk and pekey
sry for the file size ...


very good job.

You did a very good with the clay what fps were you using? And how many frames was that because it was really good. The claymation itslef was creative and it kept me watching you have your own style so thats good.

The only main problem I found was the sound it was good but it was a bit sloppy at times so it was hard to understand. the sciprt was decent to it could of had a few more jokes but the spiderman thing was funny.

Anyway's Great Job and hope to see more of your pieces soon I myslef am a claymater a newb one but im decent. And Who ever tells you to fuck off or clay sucks or something stupid like that don't listen to them there idiots.

The-Protector responds:

omg ! thanks man !!! this is my best review ever !!! im making a ninja movie that will be 2x better , the fps i use was 15 i think and i have close to 1150 frames
for this movie


Well that was jerky.

And the frame rate sucked.

and before you even whine "I bet you can't do better!!" I know for a FACT that I animate better then you do.

And it wasnt that clear ether.

not bad

it was pretty cool, some stuff was pretty original. the claymation as a whole wasn't original, though.

Good for a first.

I like it, pretty nice. It's good for a first, but the audio was constantly muffled so it was hard to understand at times. Nice job.

The-Protector responds:



I love the spiderman part, and when clayzilla uses the tanks as skates, that was very creative,keep up the good work, i cant wait to see your next one.

The-Protector responds:

thanks !

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4.05 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2004
2:58 PM EST
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