Internal Fires 16

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by csscblackbelt2000

Internal Fires 16

Previously, Hero had attended as a spectator to a tournament of immortal creatures fighting to the death. After seeing their inability to control their own actions, Hero tried to take control over them himself. After successfully escaping with one immortal animal, Hero quickly trained it to live on its own and set it free.

This episode - Hero is training. He is just about to learn a new move and it requires great skill and focus. While focusing, he goes off the topic he was focusing and notices something strange. Strange messages, unknown from whom, were coming to him. He couldn't understand most of them, but he got something about his greatest enemy. After this confusing message, he saw a vision in his head. He had seen this before. It was in his dreams, and he had not like those particular dreams. It had something to do with his child hood and he did not want to be reminded of it. Even if he wanted to, it was impossible because he had not remember anything from it.

He tries to continuously throw away the horrible image in his head but it won't go away, no matter how hard he tries.

Until next episode, enjoy!

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A conundrum ive been pondering

Isnt the 'Author's comments' supposed to reflect what is to be expected in the actual show? So what gives with that?

Ive grown weary of blasting this 'serious series (as you call it)' so I shall instead ask why you choose to write a damn epic in the author's comments section...only to show an animation that has nothing to do with it.

PS-Uninstall flash ASAP

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Hold on. Are you saying what I write in the Author's Comments has had nothing to do with all of my Interanl Fires episodes?

Hmmmmmm....that is very strange. I always write exactly what happens in each episode, leaving the end for you to watch. I believe you are not watching with your undivided attention, therfore causing you to miss all of the story.

Yes, this series was made with serious intention. I do not understand why so many like yourself do not seem to understand it. It's all there.

regarding your last message - I have tried uninstalling flash numerous times, always having the same end result. It won't uninstall. I don't understand. There seems to be some block / lock on it that will not let me remove it from my computer. Until I can figure out how to delete Flash MX, I will continue making Internal Fires.

Actually, I think I found the propblem. This message appeared on my computer when I first installed flash revealing the nature of the idea behind Internal Fires. It also stated for me to make flashes of them. So, I did. I started making Internal Fires. After a couple, I tried uninstalling flash, because I was getting tired of animating, but it wouldn't work. I received another message the next day, again saved onto my desktop. It said, I was destined to make Internal Fires and that only I could show the world its beauty. I did not want this responsibility. It was too great for me. But I had no choice, but to continue. And forever, I shall. There is some condition though that will end it. I do not know the details on that as of yet though.

hehehe.... Focker

I was planning on seeing Meet the Fockers but never got around to it, i really wanna see it. And i never heard of Life Aquatic. seeing as new years is "right around the corner" HAPPY NEW YEARS incase we dont talk till then.... again lol. You are the only person I actually talk back and forth with on new grounds, becuz not many ppl right responses to all their reviews. I always look foreward to seeing what you have to say :)And maybe i should say a little something about this movie seeing as i havent yet:P This one was also quite enjoyable.... each one i watch, i think im starting to like them more and more, and your christmas one was funny, but ill review that one after u reply. I'm not sure if i asked this before, but what type of music do you listen to? sorry if i did ask before but i forgot if i did or not :S So have a great new year and hope o hear from you soon!!!
Buh Bye!

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Hey, sorry I haven't been able to respond to this review for quite sometime now. I have been pretty busy with driving stuff and finals and haven't had the time to really sit down and my comp and log into Newgrounds nor make any IF's or other animations since my IF:Christmas. Hope you had a great New Years!
Let's see...music, I always have my radio on to kroq. Love the Killers, and kroq.
Finals are almost done, and I think I will finally get the chance to make IF17 real soon.
Talk later, bye.


although i couldnt have expected anything more from an episode of this series, i really would have liked to have seen more! bleh!
anyways, the continuous loop that ocurred at the end was pretty damn funny... at first i thought 'its looping... right click and press loop to make it stop'... but alas, you must have been thinking ahead :P hahah.
so yeh, no real story line to this movie, just a bit of a laugh.
(THE THUMB: sideways)

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

The right click loop button didn't work this time, eh?

More is something this series will probably not give, though it will continuously supply Newgrounds with more and more animations.

If I gave them storylines, they wouldn't be Internal Fires, they would be regular flash animations.

Laugh is good.
Thank you for your review.


not bad. seems that that guy just wouldn't stay down in the toilet eh. the writing on the stall walls writing back were pretty creepy too.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Yes, I was aiming for it to be creepy. It is but another form of Internal Fires. Yeah, he is having some trouble finishing his business.

Thank you for your review.

My thoughts...

Eh, nothing to impressive, but the concept was intersting. Nice loop action, it took me til the 4th or 5th time that that was what was actually going on.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Loop action?
What loop action?

Anyways, these movies take me a couple minutes to make. These last couple took me a bit more. I still don't remember any loops. Make sure the loop button isn't selected when you right click. If it is, unclick it, and that is probably causing all this loop nonsense.

Thank you for your review. Please tell me if you still have problems with the movie looping.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2004
11:01 PM EST