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Well I started this around June.. then I got lazy over the summer and did nothing.
I resumed this work like 2 days ago.. and yeah.. ENJOY

Sorry no Preloader and I don't even know how to do the actionscript thingy.
"Unexpected File Format" when i try to open NG preload.. I have the Flash MX 2004.. thingy..


i liked it

i thought it was very good. sure the graphics werent the best but i was able to follow the story and thought you ended it very good. funny how flys came out of his wallet lol. i think maybe you should of had his money fall in a sewer because it looked like he just dropped it but he could of just picked it back up. otherwise, good flash


just needed colour


this would be a little better if maybe you colored? or maybe if you had a voice here and there....it was kinda funny...kinda sweet maybe somthing i'd send to one of my friends on their b-day


It was fluid, but the graphics were horrific. That, and I have no clue as to what the story meant.

well... where to start?

the pre loader, go to submit another flash and look at the bottom of the page, you can download it for free...
well stick me, not original to many people use them sorry, unless you are brilliant with them, don't use them
the music... it just gets iritating,
i dont mean to be harsh but you really need to try a little harded!

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3.03 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2004
12:43 PM EST
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