Old Saint Dick

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Get the kids in for this one - heck, your whole happy clan of relatives will fall in love with this guy.

This is my first ever frame-by-frame animation, and i'm understandably very fucking pleased with the result of it.

So turn off your television, step away from your dinner of Big Macs fried in cholestoral, get 'little' Timmy away from the porn shed, and stop pointing that loaded gun at the 'negro' couple across the street.

Sit down, shut up, get your hand out of your pocket, and watch this cartoon. Remember that once upon a time, Christmas was innocence, Michael Jackson was black, and Super Mario was actually good.

These days, I fear, are gone forever.
Just like three of your previous spouses (if you ever even married, that is).

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The title doesn't lie

Nothing like a little bit of christmas violence and just in time for the holidays too. It's still got that early animation feel to it almost like something made waaaay back in 00-02 when shit was really violent for no reason.

And that said this is one movie that's good for the vault!

omg lol

i think its illegal to shit down someones chimney 'cuz i've tried it before and got a ticket


well maybe ur kids shouldnt be watching this crap then


funny! but dont recommend it for kids. snakegirl's kid saw weird things..

LoLz !!!

LoL! Pooping inside the house xD