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Cactuar &Tonberry Physics

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A little something I made for Physics class. It saved my grade. Watch and you might learn something. Enjoy and happy holidays!

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This Music at the Beginning and The End is From Ultra Maniac OVA

Aww, yes! I always love these edutainment cartoons! Seriously, they should have their own category here. I believe you got everything factually right. I even myself remember learning about this sort of thing in High School. Yeah, I'm a nerd like that.

The funniest part was probably people not knowing the different temperatures. The animation wasn't good, but it doesn't matter. I love it when funny people state facts like this. Who knew Cactaur could be involved? You got enough good information out.

Of course 5 XD


I sat on the Go Away! screen for about 5 minutes, what more needs to be said?

GO AWAY *que infinant loop*

Friggin' hilarious.