Paintball Withdrawl

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This is a short flash I made in 5 hours. It was recorded live, aka improv. Me and my brother were fiending for some paintball but its about 30 degrees out so we can't play. I was bored from animating my first real flash "the true origins of the vampire" (coming soon) so I suggested we make this.



Yeah that was pretty lame. I thought the Red Ball, Blue Ball thing and then the bullet time stopper was pretty funny. Reminds me of this one issue of the Whiteboard. If you don't know what that is it's a Paintball web comic. Anyways The matrix thing isn't a bad idea. I think alot of us could like that. I can compare with the guy totally, I've gone through months of withdrawal before[but not because of the weather] You guys could improve on your acting a bit.

Now on to the other issue? You Can't play paintball in 30 F? What is wrong with you? I play it in below -0 temps. Gosh are y'all wusses? No offense. Is it the c02? How about you get rid of that crappy c02 and get Air/N2 instead, believe me, its well worth it.

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lol. i totally know what you mean. playing in the cold sucks.that was great. nice moving paintball effect. heheheh.

heh, sad thing is i know the feeling

This is a pretty funny flash. A lot of us who play paintball and live in states where it gets cold are stuck not playing in the winter months, and I think this is a good satire on that subject. Graphics were a bit subpar, but not bad for only 5 hours. I think there could have been a bit more action instead of the withdrawn guy, but overall not bad.

Winter play

If u get n2 u can play when its -30 if u wanted to

I <3 paintball

dude that vid was funny make the paintrix!!!

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Dec 19, 2004
11:59 AM EST
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