All I Want

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all i want for xmas this year ... is nothing



Well drawn, good style but unfinished.

Seriously, why does it end so quickly? Why does it not even have a proper ending? The song was... meh. I dunno why you picked Britney's murdering of All I want over the much better Mariah Carrey original (Although, neither artists are exactly desirable these days).

If you'd used the original song and finished the movie - it could have been great. Hell, it could have been Front page material. Sadly, it's barely worth a 3 now.

I'd encourage you to finish it over the next week as possible - to have a completed version by Xmas Eve would be great. ^^

MD-Confessions responds:

hey thanks for your review. i dont know about britney spears or mariah carey so i didnt even know there was a nother version. but anyway, i think i AM finished lol this movie was suppose to be pointless. i just needed a break from my current flash project which is very long and tiring. i take breaks from time to time and make little stupid flashes and this was one of them. thanks for your review but i'm not adding anymore to this movie. =) merry xmas


Britney spears run away!!!!!! Other then that good animation and graphcis lol.

MD-Confessions responds:



sorry just couldnt listen to the song...that chick had a huge ass forehead by the way. Is that uhh ..christina ricci ?

MD-Confessions responds:

shut up. and the song is by britney spears. unless you're talking about the "chick" .. i dunno who that is


Eh, Short. You can pretty much sum the flash up in a sentence. Music made my stomache churn. However, If ya made something else.. I'm sure it'd turn out better. =x Merry X-mas to j00, too.

not bad, not bad

this was a good movie. im not into that kind of music so usualy i would of just quit watching it but 4 some reason the song had this feeling about it that made me listen 2 it and watch it lol....well that sounds odd but none the less i liked it good job make more.

MD-Confessions responds:

Thankkks you. Merry xmas

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2.82 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2004
9:58 PM EST
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