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Note: the screen only stays white for a few seconds while the preloader loads. : Reccommended that you adjust the quality settings (currently on best)
This is a pool minigame that was made as a minigame for the Poninjas RPG (it's coming sometime)
Please enjoy this flashosity, I believe you will, I've been having extraordinary feedback from people who I've let played it so far. And it is very well THE best thing I have ever made, flash or other.

Please press the "i" icon for the help if you are new to the game. If your computer seems to freeze up thats the A.I. (artificial idiot) processing it's move.

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i loved this game!

i would love to know how to make a pool game like this or "Pool Hall" at flashgames.net i think this game was brilliant!!

Not too bad.

Cool... yeah... gotta go. Girlfriend.
=X==X=yborg out.

nice dude

liked thge tables but,,,



good billiards game. i liked the design of a couple of the tables. the music was good too.
good job.


The look of the game was fairly nice. everything seemed pretty well animated. However, graphics do not a good game make. The biggest problem with this game is the physics engine, and that's really all there is to a billiards game. Thus, a crappy physics engine makes a crappy billiards game. What are the problems? Well, the angles at which you can hit the ball are actually limited. I mean, WTF? Why would you do that? The balls also sometimes go in completely random directions after hitting them. Sometimes they don't collide at all. I've seen the balls roll right over eachother. That's in addition to the fact that the rules of billiards are ignored. If you scratch, you get to go again, and the ball is placed by the hole you knocked the ball into. If you hit an opponents ball in, you get to go again, but if you hit in one of your own, you don't. And then there's no center holes! I just don't get it. Oh, and the music sucks.

GlockEH responds:

As I said, this is a minigame, not a large scale simulation. It is in no ways meant to be realistic, it follows... My rules, why aren't there middle pockects.. Because they're useless, I don't like them and having them makes the game too easy..

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3.26 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2004
9:59 AM EST
Sports - Other