Nordic Chill

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Use MOUSE to control your competitor. Full instructions in game. If you get over 51,000 then you are a legend and beat me!!

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This is a pretty unique game. For starters, skiing games are pretty unique, and then there's this game, which is completely different than regular skiing. I mean, you aren't going down the slope, you're not avoiding flags and obstacles, you're' just following tracks, and all of this is controlled with only the mouse. It's harder than it looks and sounds though, and it seems the tracks do curve ever so slightly (so they always look straight even though they're swerving). It's a really fun and simple concept, and great graphics/controls/etc. Keep it up!


I really like the nordic skiing part....

This was a fun game because of my involvement in nordic skiing and biathlon. Although inaccurate, i thought you did a really good job with that section. I also like the ski jump part...the only thing i did not like, was the curling section. The game is called Nordic Chill....downhill skiing ill let slip...but curling doesn't really have any thing to do with skiing. That's my only complaint really...good job.

i scored 36,000 cant remember the last 3 digits.

the game was pretty fun....the first time i played i screwed up, butthen i read what to do and it was easier......not when ur shooting.........leave ur mouse alone for a second to let it focus on 1 point then move it very slowly so it dont go everywhere.


My score was 18978... Excuses are that I knocked the first Hurling disc out, and did not hit some of the targets on purpose.

Miniclip - you are my personal favorite game author on Newgrounds - you can not go wrong with a a Miniclip game... There were a lot of great aspects to the game not including the skiing, like 2 differnet games, my favorite being the last one. The character design looked great, and the motions they made were just perfect - as if you modeled it after a human! Nice gameplay, but at times it was very slow and tedious... I am talking mostly about he skiing - in my opinion, it was just a lot of mouse-clicking and kind of spent the energy I wanted to use on the target practices and such. But it was not a total loss, great graphics, good use of sound effects - though repeated at times, and other fun mini-games. Not your best yet, but not bad by any means.


Beat you.

after about ten trys, i beat you score by alittle less then 2k, goos game by the way, but i normally expect better form miniclip.

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3.36 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2004
9:36 AM EST
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