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WARNING:Compressed video file!
Full rez version is now posted on my site!

Just in time for Christmas! One of my good friends “LSD”, extended his talents to me, by cutting together a new Marcus Peblo Trailer. When I saw it for the first time on TV, my jaw dropped to the floor. He took scenes from my DVD of flash animations and cut them to a pulsating soundtrack! I wish you could see it full rez, but then the file would be to big to post. Each movie has a different frame rate,which means it would be a bitch to recompile in flash, so I had to use the avi file. Sorry for the compression. Tell me what you think. The movies are also posted on Newgrounds:-)

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Good Trailer

I can not Lie, That is a very Good Trailer,,,,, it really makes the Show look "Kick-Ass",,,, Very Well-Done,,,,,,,


More superhero babies. I bet that they can't stop Barney, all babies love Barney. Then, when they least expect it, *CHOMP* he'll eat them up! XD This looks like it would be cool for some, but it just insn't my taste or style. Good luck with it all.

This is Masterful !!!!

Wow, this is awesome stuff...An adventure of images, color, style, and obvious KNOCKOUT animation talent & skill. It's superior than the first one. Damn, the vote should be higher here. You're slaming. Put this baby in a movie theater and we'll come back to see more. oh, Sorry you had to dumb down the resolution
to make it fit. Anywho, come back with more. I am a believer!!!!!!


A very nice composion of music, color and sound. The movement was like liquid flows.. Beautiful! Even though the quality kind of sucked out the entertainment of it, I look forward to see the real non-low-rez trailer on your site.


Great stuff!

WOW! that was amayzing, so yea wut did u made it with? and how long did it took u? The resolution are a bit small... but I can tell its professionally made (once again great job) I notice u are aimming for younger age group (correct me if I'm wrong) are u trying to get that on TV or sumthing? Try making it into short movie first (might be great idea for feed backs) Anyhow I better sleep now, hope to see more of ur work. (3rd times great job)
PS: Gimme da link for ur site!

ericblak responds:

All of the actual movie clips are done in flash. Photoshop for the backgrounds. It was cut in Vegas video, I believe. The resolution is small because of size restrictions on the site. It my look pro, but it’s all done on cave-man machines. The computer used for all the flash animation is only a 450 MHz.

Oh and the cartoon is for all ages. The concepts and story might be hard to follow for the younger ones, but they still like the colors and music.

And the series is on Newgrounds and my site. I’ll have a high rez version of the trailer on my site no later than tomorrow.

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4.27 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2004
1:13 AM EST
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