Dark, and Alone 6: 1/2

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Remember back when I said number 5 would be the last one... well it looks like I lied. THIS ONE IS INTERACTIVE, a little bit, so click around at some scenes. The file size is so big that its split into 2 parts, its a mixture of cartoon with videos. This particular episode is called "Horseman", no not headless one, the guy looks like a horse! First time I ever did voice acting too... I hope my D&A audience comes back, and watch part 2 also!


Master of terror: Pyro

Shit man, I didn't expect you to do another one of these but I'm glad you did. Newgrounds certainly needs more of the horror genre and you help out quite well :)

Ha, I notice your over use of video clips is to cover up for your poor art skills ;) But it's all good. I can honestly say my heart is beating a tad bit faster now...on to part 2!

sweet . . . . Very sweet

awsum. Thats all i can say. Make sum more man. And wen u get mad, dont do pyrokenesis on me ass lol. :)


We need more stuff like this on NG, and you are it's savior! I jumped at the first part with the girls face on the screen, and choked on my sandwich, but it's all good. The horseman has me interested, so on to part 2!

Welcome back!

Allrigth,that scared the shit out of me man!Like the good old times!I'll go and watch part II.


awesome movie.
you got a great series going on here. now im gonna check out part 2.

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3.71 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2004
9:35 PM EST
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